Do I Need Planning Permission For My Summerhouse?

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 in DIY

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Summerhouse?

A summerhouse can be an excellent addition to any garden; it can offer an extra living space to relax in the summer or even an area to work.

However, when deciding to have a lovely summerhouse added to your home, there are several things to consider first.

For instance, you will need planning permission under the following circumstances:

  • If you use the new building for a business or plan to store materials for a business in the summerhouse.
  • If the construction is more than 3m high (or 4m with a ridged roof).
  • If you live in a national park, conservation area, the broads or an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • If your home is a listed building.
  • If the summerhouse is going to be nearer any road than your home, unless the distance from the road to your summerhouse is greater than 20 metres.
  • If more than half the original area around your home is used up by the construction.


Additional guidelines for your summerhouse:

  • If it is within 5m of your home (and over 10 cubic metres) it will be classified as an extension of your property and the local authority will count it as ‘permitted development’.
  • You may be required to send in a sketch with accurate dimensions and show where exactly in your garden you plan to place the summerhouse.
  • If it needs planning permission, you should be made aware of this within 2 weeks.
  • Your neighbours should be kept informed of your plans in case it happens to be blocking light for their property.
  • If you are not a freeholder, permission will need to be sought from the freeholder before proceeding with the summerhouse.
  • Always contact the planning department from your local authority to ask their advice before starting anything.

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